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The process of rejoining and realigning the edges of the broken bones is called as fracture repair. Fracture repair is always done by a surgeon, orthopaedist or doctor. In few emergency cases, first aid is given for temporary realignment. Further, a proper medical supervision is needed.

Fracture repair is necessary, if there is a chance for restoration and functioning of the broken bone. During the whole process of fracture healing, it is necessary that bones are firmly kept in correct position. In case the fracture is not healed properly, there is a chance for occurrence of malalignment in the bones that results in physical dysfunction of the bone or in the joints.

In the process of fracture repair, the bones are arranged and aligned closely to the normal position without any disturbance to the skin. It is applied by surgery, traction and immobilization of the bones.

Fracture Repair is required when there is a need to restore the normal alignment and function of a broken bone. Throughout the stages of fracture healing, the bones must be held firmly in the correct position. In the event that a fracture is not properly.

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